Welcome to Duino Castle

Welcome to Duino Castle, a special place of refuge so graciously opened by our hostess, Princess Marie, for those magic few who have been called to tend a precious sapling that, henceforth protected in her halls, has taken root in the Earth to drink its primordial power, and burgeoned wanting leaves that twist and turn into the warm sunlight of all that is desirable. Its seraphic seed, however, did not originate at Duino; it was carried from the other side of nature by a wandering host-spirit who's voice unflinchingly embraced fate, exhaling incantations conjured to stir the myriad ghost-buds of future leaves, desperately wanting to be born, crying out to us who hold in our power their only means of conception.

The courtyard beacons... are you a patrician? Once there were kingdoms, then there were ruins, and now there are only words that there should be kingdoms again! The stars wait, the oceans prod, what you do next is more important than everything that has come before. A multitude lay claim to you, and each, in distinguishing themselves, point beyond to that which is yet to come through you. What winds have gathered, swirling and mingling with the sea, buoying your spirit by their restless tumult? Did you really think you could escape this origin... or your tempestuous destiny?

Not yet- for now, take rest at Duino...

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